Speech, Language, and Feeding Therapy & Consultation

Empowering children, and their families, to gain confidence in their communication skills.

How we can help

Amanda’s clinical skill set and pediatric experiences make her uniquely qualified to provide child-led, neurodiversity-affirming therapeutic services to children and their families. Therapy and consultation services are individualized to the client’s needs and family goals to facilitate meaningful and effective growth. Sessions are motivating, functional, and fun to keep children engaged week to week!

Early Language

Play based sessions (with parents, too!) to build foundational skills for language development including shared attention, motor and sound imitation, use of gestures, exclamatory and environmental sounds, and language modeling.

Speech & Language Therapy

Structured speech therapy sessions are designed to support a child in their speech and language growth. Speech therapy sessions can target understanding words and sentences, using and expanding vocabulary, developing longer and more complex sentences, or speech sound intelligibility.

Feeding Consultation

For families of children ages 0-3 years of age looking to establish, develop, or refine the feeding and eating process. Utilizing a coaching model, families will learn to implement strategies to support exploring and eating a variety of textures while creating a mealtime environment that establishes trust and positive communication between caregivers and their children. Screening for feeding challenges is included. 

AAC Design and Implementation

Utilizing a total communication approach, effective and efficient communication methods such as gestures, signs, visuals, and low or high tech tools will be introduced and taught to children requiring an alternative or additional means to spoken speech. Coaching for communication partners will also be used to support implementation across settings.

Meet the SLP!

Amanda Hobson, M.S., CCC-SLP

Amanda is a Massachusetts licensed, ASHA certified speech-language pathologist with a B.A. in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology from Iona University and M.S.  in Speech-Language Pathology from Northeastern University. Amanda currently practices in the school setting with additional experience in private practice and home health settings. Her specialized interest in augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and language development has led her to gain advanced knowledge in AAC communication systems (e.g., PODD, TD Snap, Grid 3, TouchChat, Proloquo2Go, Unity, etc.) and alternative access.

As a new mom, Amanda has taken her role as a speech therapist to a new level as she experiences first hand a little ones road to communication acquisition. She  is passionate about supporting and empowering families in their roles  in their child’s communication development journey while building and maintaining strong connections with her clients.

Ready to get started?

Amanda provides an easy, structured experience to families looking to start speech and language services for their child.


Schedule a free, 15 minute phone consultation with Amanda. You can share your areas of concern, ask questions, and hear more about the services offered. 


Complete intake paperwork to set up an initial evaluation. Our initial evaluation may include:

  • Parent interview
  • Review of previous evaluations
  • Observation during play
  • Informal and formal assessments


After review of the evaluation, we will develop an indivudalized treatment plan and begin therapy.

Great news…we come to you!

No commute for speech therapy sessions. We will meet your child in your home, daycare, preschool, or afterschool program. For older children or for consultations, we also offer sessions over video conference.